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Emergency Numbers in Recife

Emergency Numbers in Recife
If you run into any legal trouble at all, being an American in Recife you can go to the U.S. Embassy. Many people actually suggest that when you travel to another country, always check in with the Embassy or consulate so that they know who you are and that you are within Recife Brazil. If you have any problems, the consulates operate on your behalf. You can reach the American Consulate in Recife by calling 55-66-3312-7000.
Country Code 55
City Code 81
Fire 190 / 193
Ambulance 190 / 192
Civil Police 08000-813400 (24 hrs)
Tourist Police 081 3322-4867/4932 (24 hrs)
Hospital Alfa Recife 081 2129-3011 (24 hrs)
Hospital Santa Joana 081 3216-6666