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Cinema in Recife

Cinema in Recife
There are many cinema halls which show both international and regional films, and theatres which show a variety of plays, dramas and musicals depicting the culture of Recife and Brazil.

Multiplex Tacaruna

Multiplex Tacaruna has eight screens, with a total capacity of 1378 persons. You have to book your tickets in advance. Tacaruna also has a little club and cultural entertainment centre, especially for kids.

Address: Av. Gov.Agamenom Magalhães,153/3º Pav. Santo Amaro Recife

Tel: +55 81 3421-6721, +55 81 3207-0000

Cine Multiplex Shopping Recife

This is a famous cinema hall with 10 screens, located in a shopping mall.

Address: Avenida Padre Carapuceiro, 777, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3207-0000

Multiplex UCI Ribeiro Mall Reef

This multiplex is huge and has 10 cinema halls with a seating capacity of about 2000 people. Rates are different depending if it’s a weekday, weekend or a holiday.

Address: Av.Padre Carapuceiro,777 Loja BV.174 Shopp. Recife Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3207-0000

Multiplex Guararapes

Address: Av. Barreto Menezes, 800, Piedade, Jaboatao dos Guararapes, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 2122-2211

Cinema do Parque

This is an old cinema theatre situated in the centre of the city. The cinema hall has a big screen where films are occasionally screened.

Address: Rua do Hospicio, 81, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3423-6044

Multiplex Shopping Center Recife

Address: Shopping Center Recife, Rua Padre Carapuceiro, 777, Boa Viagem, Zona Sul, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3207-6721

Multiplex Shopping Boa Vista

Address: Shopping Boa Vista, Avenida Conde da Boa Vista, Boa Vista, Centro, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3207-0000

Cine Rosa e Silva

Address: Executive Trade Center, Avenida Rosa e Silva, 1460, Aflitos, Zona Norte, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3243-8255

Cine Sao Luiz

One of the most traditional cinema theatres in Recife.

Address: Rua da Aurora, 175, Boa Vista, Centro, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3423-8813

Cineteatro do Parque

Address: Rua do Hospicio, 88, Boa Vista, Centro, Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3423-6044

Cineteatro Jose Carlos Cavalvante Borges

Address: Rua Henrique Dias, 609, Derby (Zona Norte), Recife, Brazil

Tel: +55 81 3421-3266