Recife Antigo

Recife Antigo
The capital of Pernambuco is in constant ferment, and the pace that the consecrated - Frevo, led the revitalization of the Neighborhood of Recife, an area where training began in the city. One of the greatest achievements of the then mayor of Recife, Jarbas Vasconcelos, was the revitalization of Old Recife.

With support from private enterprise, the mansions of the past century have been restored, as well as paving, lighting and landscaping, while respecting the architecture and tradition of the neighborhood. The site was listed and elevated to the status of National Historical and Artistic Heritage, to be born with a new concept in services, commerce and entertainment, hosting in centenarians houses a complex of bars, nightclubs, galleries and concert halls.

The neighborhood was a refuge of the first Jews to arrive in America and the largest economic center of Pernambuco until the beginning of the century. Doors open every day of the week, with many restaurants open for lunch, Old Recife is the point of youth on Friday and Saturday night and a great choice for happy hour for executives from the center of Recife. The neighborhood also offers visitors the opportunity to have a beautiful view of the bridges that cross the Capibaribe, where tours are conducted aboard a catamaran for day or night, out of Ground Zero. Credits: Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport

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Address: Old Recife
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