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Parque Dois Irmãos

Parque Dois Irmãos
Besides the animals and the large area of ​​preserved Atlantic Forest provides many trails where you can see our animals in their natural state of life. Check closely all of our ecosystem, plants, micro-animals, the smell of green forest and the adventure of following our tracks. The park is the only zoo in Brazil that have aquariums with sharks, is a large space armed with tanks that show every detail of the feared shark in its various sizes.

At the end of the tour visitors can eat lunch in the main restaurant or I one of several armed stalls on site. Stay resting on the edge of main pond, watching the marmosets to play, while children have fun in toys, is a great option for the end of the ride that always ends with beautiful photos and a sense of tranquility that only passes in the Forest.

About the park:

The park has a total area of ​​388 hectares, but only 14 in built-up area which represents a large area of ​​preserved rainforest. The Forest offers visitors a direct contact with nature, visitors can see the entire ecosystem, with its plants and its native animals as laziness, tamarins, coatis and many birds.

The zoo has about 850 animals between reptiles, birds and mammals, over 120 species. In the Park, knowledge of nature is acquired through experience and contact with animals, which changes the perspective of the public he ceases to be an observer to be part of the scenery of nature conservation.

The Forest Gardens of Two Brothers was founded in 1916, on the grounds of the Mill Brothers, owned by Anthony and Thomas Lins Caldas. The ingenuity that gave rise to the garden was one of the first founded in Brazil in the year 1577.

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On January 14, 1939 the Garden Zoobotânico Two Brothers and is now called Two Brothers Park on July 7, 1997, covering an area of ​​387.4 hectares, including the dams of the Silver, Two and Half Brothers, plus 14 acres of the Garden Zoobotânico Two Brothers. On December 29, 1998, the State Government approved Law No. 11,622, making the Ecological Reserve State Park in Two Brothers Two Brothers. It is currently subordinated to the Secretariat of Science, Technology and Environment.

Address: Square Farias Neves, s / n
Neighborhood: Two Brothers - Recife - PE
Tel: (81) 3301.6518
Time: 8h to 16h Sunday to Sunday except public holidays
Values: Admission is R$ 2,00 and free for children up to 1 meter tall, seniors over 60 and disabled and acompanhente.