Esculturas Monumentais Nilo Coelho Park

Esculturas Monumentais Nilo Coelho Park
The city of Heath of the Mother of God, located in the Wasteland of the state, 180 km from Recife, perhaps best known for the spectacle of Christ's Passion, staged in the largest outdoor theater in the world. Since 1968, the theater presentations in the city of New Jerusalem attract spectators from all over Brazil and the world.

What not to say that is the only tourist attraction of the city. Quite the contrary. At about 2 km away is the Monumental Sculpture Park Nilo Coelho, part of the heritage of Pernambuco Tourism Company (Empetur). Recently, the site was improved to receive tourists.

Opened on April 2, 1981, the Sculpture Park has originated in northeastern simple picture of the artisan. At the time, many workers in New Farm, Heath district of the Mother of God, were unemployed. Under the circumstances, Plinio Pacheco, who years earlier had designed a replica of Jerusalem in the middle ground of the Pernambucan, had another idea: Monumental Sculpture Park Nilo Coelho. From there the time before idle, he began to be used with tools in hand in front of huge granite boulders. The intention was to promote the culture of the Northeast.

Through the creativity of artisans, spurred by reason of ensuring the preservation of memory of Pernambuco, one artist stands out. Your name: José Faustino. Author of the drawings that form stones, Faustino has own sculptors in New Farm a model of human life the Northeast, the main object of the artist's imagination. According to one of these workers, Joseildo Coast, the three months to produce a sculpture have a significant meaning. "It's like figure emerge from the stone."

Grouped into nine sectors, each with a different theme, the 37 granite pieces in the park have the variable length between three and seven meters tall. From religion, folklore music and sculptures we have the formation of the Northeast. From the emblematic figure of the lamp to the seller of tapioca, there are many characters introduced in the Park. Located in sector 4, however, the statue "the dead carrying the living" is, according to Roger Sebastian, 75, who lives in New Farm since 1942 and was the Barabbas of the Passion of Christ in 1969, the most contentious among tourists. "Always play with the probable relationship that existed between the dead and the living."

The ride through the park can be done both by car and a walk beside the sculpture. According to the executive of the institutional articulation of Pernambuco Tourism Company (Empetur), Pepito Acevedo, the details of each image can thus be appreciated during the time that tourists prefer. "The appeal site is the ability for visitors to feel right in the backdrop of the Wasteland, amid the cacti, rocks and aveloses, in direct contact with the culture of Pernambuco," said Acevedo.

The area of ​​60 hectares of Sculpture Park is open for visitation between 7am and 11am and from 13h to 17h throughout the week. Admission is $ 5 for small vehicles and $ 10 for buses. In 2007, the park was visited by 228 vehicles and the investments made by the government is expected this number will grow from this year.

Address: Prefeitura Municipal de Brejo da Madre de Deus Rua Da Maria Carolina, 205 - Boa Viagem, Recife - PE

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