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Boa Viagem Beach Reviews

Belinda S. United States of America

Nice long stretch of beach. I was here alone and not inclined to swim or sunbathe, but I did walk alot and it was lovely. Lots of people. Kids having fun. Plenty of vendors for food and drink. I especially like the little tiki huts up and down the strip. You can buy a beer and just sit and watch the waves on one side and world go by on the other. Really relaxing.

Posted: 21:05 - March 13, 2012  

Lorraine M. Australia

Visited in last 4 years frequently this beach, (opposite Park Hotel), and area and have actually seen much positive improvement; clean NEW vendor shops of all Brasil delicious, much safer&cleaner, but pls DO NOT BELIEVE for a single moment the SHARK-warnings; NOT a single dangerous shark in sight here.!!, look at ridiculous high priced.!! (over $ 500.000,--each appartment), but sold.!!-Where will this end....???

Posted: 21:05 - March 13, 2012  

Jean L. France

This beach is very beautiful even though there are sharks in the water ! The safety is also not very good. I did not feel safe with an iPhone and came back to the hotel. Vey crowded if it is a sunny week end. But the water temperature is great !

Posted: 21:04 - March 13, 2012  

Damien F. Ireland

Boa Viagem beach in Recife is one of the most famous urban beaches in Brazil. Visitors get enchanted by the sandy beache with warm green waters and also by the complete infrastructure of hotels, restaurants and services which surrounds it.

Posted: 21:03 - March 13, 2012  

Claire B. United States of America

A fantastic beach to enjoy round the year with cost effective vacation rental houses available on the beach. One can enjoy the Brazilian Grill in restaurants till almost midtnight. Enjoy the Brazilian Drinks made from liquor out of Sugar Cane and lemon juice. The way this drink is prepared is worth watching.

Posted: 21:02 - March 13, 2012  

Patrick D. Canada

We stayed at Boa Viagem, and took there most of our swims. The beach is long but not spectacular. The long reef along the coast protects from surf and sharks, but risks to make the bath very monotonous, specially in low tide, when it becomes almost a pool. People throws everything to the sand, but the local authorities make a good effort to clean it each day. The beach closes very early - at 5PM, but at 6AM it's already a pleasant bath.

Posted: 21:01 - March 13, 2012  

Rahmah H. Malaysia

The beach at Boa Viagem stretches over 8 kilometres, lined by high-rise buildings, palms and dunes. There is nothing better in life than chill in a beach chair, have a beer eat some grilled shrimps, check out the scene while you listen to some great tunes. Boa Viagem has plenty of that.  

Posted: 21:01 - March 13, 2012  

Jason R. Australia

Boa Viagem- The wealthy Boa Viagem district provides a good home base. This waterfront area is Recife's real center, possessing both the city's finest beach and a wealth of fine restaurants. Much of Recife's nightlife is here, as well as in Graças. From there, the old city can be explored as well.

Posted: 21:00 - March 13, 2012  


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