Boa Viagem Climate

Boa Viagem Climate
Recife has a year-round tropical climate, with warmed to hot temperatures and high relative humidity throughout the year. However, these conditions are relieved by a near absence of extreme temperatures and pleasant trade winds blowing from the ocean. Under the Koppen climate classification, the city's climate straddles a tropical monsoon climate and a tropical wet and dry climate.
Recife has a characteristic South American tropical climate, with warm to hot temperatures, high humidity and rainfall throughout the year. But the hot temperatures become bearable due the gust of cold winds from the ocean.

Average temperatures are high throughout the year with little change. During the summer, the average temperature is about 29°C and in the winter it drops to around 26°C. January is the hottest month where the heat can reach to a temperature of 32°C and in July it can get considerably cooler with a temperature of around 23°C.

Month High°C Low°C Month High°C Low°C
Jan 32 26 July 29 23
Feb 32 26 Aug 29 23
Mar 32 26 Sep 30 24
Apr 31 25 Oct 31 25
May 31 24 Nov 31 26
June 30 23 Dec 32 26